Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide what to include in my Day Tour?
We will email a more comprehensive list of suggestions to you when confirming a tour date for you or we can discuss this over the phone. Once you let us know some idea of what you want included such as cuddling a koala or sightseeing or walking in the rainforest, we will design the ecotour for you. We will include those special experiences you list as well as suggest some other inclusions for your tour. We then email your personal itinerary to you before the tour day so we can make any changes if necessary.

Do you visit the same destinations as the big tour companies?
Yes. If you wish, we can include any of the tour destinations larger companies may offer but we do not have the same time constraints as the large groups so you can choose how long you wish to stay at any stop and we also include many other destinations that other groups do not go to. Most of our daytours will be focused in one particular region such as the Sunshine Coast or The Scenic Rim, as our time is limited by travelling distances. We want you to spend more time experiencing the Region not just driving through it.

What happens if it rains?
We do not cancel our daytours due to rain. For extreme weather events there may be a need to change the tour date or find other alternatives. While the majority of our destinations would not be affected by bad weather, some bushwalking areas may become unsafe due to slippery surfaces. In unsafe conditions, we may have to change ecotour inclusions or postpone to another day or only as a last resort cancel the tour.

Where do you pick up from?
We can pick up from your hotel or private accommodation, airport, Transit Centre or Cruise Ship Terminal within Brisbane City at no extra cost. When contacting us let us know where you want to picked up from. Daytours with Pickups from Gold or Sunshine Coasts or Country areas within 100 klms radius of Brisbane city would be at a cost of $50 extra depending on tour destinations. Outside this area pickups could be negotiated.

Do you have a minimum number for tours?
Our DayTours are completely private personal tours. Other tour companies have minimum numbers before they will take a tour or they cancel. We specialise in private ecotours and will take singles or small groups of up to 4 adults.

Do other people join our tour?
No. Our DayTours are private tours for up to 4 adults. If we have a group of 1 or 2, we do not add other individuals to fill seats.

Can I change the itinerary on the day?
Large tour companies are not able to change their itineraries. We are happy to do so if possible. Changes can be made as long as this is feasible in terms of travel times, availability of attractions, and other considerations. Half day ecotours can be lengthened to Full day as long as no other groups are booked on the same day.


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